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We are. To those who are enthralled by mountains. They’re wonders beyond all to dispute. To those who are drawn to explore them on skis or by bike. To those who embrace the strange force that draws us upwards and downward. To following the call of the mountains. Welcome to UP-DOWN Mountains are places of beauty, challenges, and adventures. An upper world to be sought out, explored, to face challenges, to go Up and to raced Down By ski or by bike, the thrills and dangers are the same. We are spellbound, by the fun and adventures to be found on two skis or two wheels. But the mountains are also made of rock and ice; far less gentle than snow and grass, or the runs we imagine in our dreams. For maximum enjoyment, experience the mountains in safety, with instruction and education from UP-DOWN. The mountains we climb and the domain we play in. Her beauty and wonder are equally matched by her danger. The mountains are to be respected, or she can bite you hard. Sometimes you will crash and fall, and you will learn. Don’t go into the mountains unprepared, but with proper instruction and education, to go UP them and go DOWN them. Escape your daily life in the mountains, escape the controlled and pressures of the city. Take a moment to breathe in the mountain air. Get wild and raw, go high, come outside, get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Stretch yourself. Take your skis or take your bike. Come to the Haute Maurienne. For the mountains are our place of fascination, dreams, and adventures. The mountains called us back. They pull us UP and DOWN. The magic found in the mountains strengthened our legs, lungs, and spirits. Their fierce beauty, their power to enchant, driving us to climb UP, race DOWN and go up again. They challenge us, we go searching for new places, new adventures. They motivate us, with pleasure and pain. This becomes our addiction. This search, this addiction to pleasure and pain, is always driving us UP and Down. Why you need UP-DOWN The mountains in summer or winter are hard to resist. If you can gain mastery in the mountains, you can enjoy your passion anywhere. And the greatest challenge of them all… is the Alpes. Experience expert instruction from UP-DOWN in the heart of the Alpes, the Haute Maurienne Vanoise. Learn to master your skiing and cycling with UP-DOWN. Controlling the danger and mastering your fear, can result in incredible joy and splendor. What is your passion, or choice of adventure and excitement? What devotions do you undertake, skiing or biking, or both? The mountains are our theater in which we choose to perform. But to perform, our theater is not without risks, the dangers are real. Don’t court danger, without proper instruction or guidance. Manage the risks with education, teaching, and guidance. Never forget the power of the mountains we worship. The rewards can be so much greater when you are shown the correct way. So, up into the mountains we go, headlong in pursuit of thrills and new experiences. Our testing ground, on which we can grow, improve and test ourselves. Choose adventurers, and reach somewhere you have not reached or been before. Go with an instructor and guide, reach a higher level under expert guidance and instruction. Exploring the Maurienne offers a way for every level of experience, to briefly experience the extraordinary, under expert guidance and instruction for all levels. In the Maurienne, you can escape the city and the queuing. You can escape the crowds and lines. Here you can test and grow your limits. You can climb and explore. You can chase endless lines, to go UP and DOWN. This is the modern social media age, with selfies and Instagram and GoPros. It can make us take risks we are not prepared for. And the mountains can exceed our egos, and we can slip our grip. The mountains can be a cruel mistress. You need a guide and instructor to help tame them. Take the risk out of the mountains with an experienced guide and instructor. Have adventure and fun in a safe environment with an instructor. After an adventure in the mountain… We shift the way we see ourselves. It stirs our spirits. Challenges our confidence. Restore our peace. More than ever … We need to go UP and Down.